Re: Spirulina production

> >Is home production of spirulina practical, and if not, what needs
> >to be done to make it practical?
> about a raw foods diet).  He discusses Spirulina, and it sounds very 
> easy to make.

Thank you, Patti.  I'll keep my eyes open for a copy.

My concern wasn't about it being easy to grow -- if I put a 
seed in the ground, I can grow tomatoes, too.  My concern 
was about purity, and possible toxic seems to me 
that in aquaculture, these types of things would be of paramount 
importance.  A tomato is red when ripe, and I *know* what to
look for -- a bad tomato is obvious to me.  If a non-tomato seed
snuck into the pack, I also know what the result is supposed to
look like.  

This is not so with algaes.

I assume it's easy to grow.  This is, after all, algae -- the same 
stuff that grows on the inside of a fish tank, if not properly 

     -- Chuck Knight

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