RE: Spirulina production / farming

I see it as a maximizing the use of my space issue. I wouldn't farm
something I could purchase bottled and which isn't perishable. I would use
that precious space for something more critical.

Of course, I'm thinking of a small-scale, DIY floating community and not the
$10 billion to build for 50,000 people variety. Your choices are obviously
different depending on the model you are planning.

There are issues of toxicity with spirulina. Follow the spirulina grow link
I sent.
"Toxic algae like anabaena, anabaenopsis arnoldii and microcystis do not
grow in a well tended spirulina culture, but for safety's sake it is
recommended to have the culture checked by a microscopic examination at
least once a year."


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> > But sufficient spirulina is easily obtainable in powder form.
> This list is about floating cities -- self sufficiency, especially with
> regard to mariculture products, is appropriate.  Why import
> something that could be so easily grown?
> I am, however, a big fan of distributed systems -- other than the
> economy of scale that works "for" commercial farmers, there is no
> reason that individuals could not grow their own foods.  Spirulina is
> nutrient rich, readily digested by the body, and is supposedly very
> good for you.
> > See for info on purchasing a sprout house and
> That's what I was remembering!
> > I would farm for self-sustenance because I could do other things
> > better for
> > profit.
> I wasn't thinking in terms of profit.
>      -- Chuck Knight
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