To all off you interested in this subject,I salute you!This is what I think:1)Construction material can only be ferrocement(actually steel reenforced concrete).2)Construction method can only be modular(start with small "critical mass"and keep on adding modules).3)The degree of self-sufficiency should be high.4)Population number is dictated by the degree of self-sufficiency.Since self-sufficiency takes space,population should be low.5)Size does not matter,but the degree of seaworthiness does.6)Size is directgly proportional to the thickness of your wallet.7)The thickness of your wallet(read -the project budget)is directly proportional to the number of people involved in the project.8)Financing based on one big wallet would be a mistake since it will eventualy create a dictatorship of same sort.9)Since this is a seagoing structure,maritime law should be the base of social-political-economical daily life aboard.10)Is not a matter of "how",but"when"and"why" to buit a floating-city.11)Feedback is good,as long as it will produce a practical result in this lifetime.Otherwise,it is just chat.:-)Regards,Octavian

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