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>Adam Starchild wrote:
>> The Reefhome is a capsule that floats below the surface, with a deck above
>> reachable through a stair tube.  The deck above provdies additional outdoor
>> living area.  Under the capsule a reef lattice is suspended, for balance
>> and seaweed raising to attract fish.  This also provides balance and
>> stability.  In case of a severe storm, then entire home can be taken far
>> enough below the surface to ride out the storm.
>I've been trying to get a copy of the Reefhome article for several
>years now.  To date, no success.  The closest I've come is a
>several page description of it in "Last Frontiers on Earth"
>by Jon Fisher (1985).  If somebody has any success finding it,
>I would be very interested in obtaining a copy.

	Ditto. I've seen the little writeup in "Last Frontiers" and was
also intrigued by the design. I've considered doing a 3D computer model of
it for people to be able to view and/or maybe VRML so they can
manipulate/explore it interactively. 

	I think I may have posted this before, and it's not big enough to
live in for a long time, but the Aquatic Pod Suite seems like a good first
crack at this seasteading concept:

	And the autonomous house I've been working on for years is like a
4000-5000 sq. foot version of that 150 sq. foot Pod Suite. I was planning
to make it a land-based house for the 1.0 run, but for 2.0, I figured it
should float on the oceans, and at 3.0, should be able to function as a
gondola on a balloon/airship. so you can take to the skies. You can find
all the details (if you haven't seen 'em already) at 


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