[OT] Greetings and Salutations.

Let me introduce myself...
I'm Adam.

I've been following the discussion for about a year now, on and off...
and I'm very interested in it.

I'm coming at it from perhaps a different place than anyone else... I'm
currently struggling for the bottom rung of Maslow's Heirarchy of
needs, trying to plan for my own future out from under the boot of
current "free" society.  I believe in the freedom to choose, even if
those choices are bad for the individual choosing... that means I
believe in the legalisation and legislation of almost everything, from
cannabis (which should be outright legal), to heroin (which should be
available in an adult-oriented store, like the liquor stores (LCBO) we
have in Ontario, Canada.).  I think abortion should be legal, even
though I find it horrible (and I've had a bit of experience here,
unfortunately).  Basically, if the choices that you make have the worst
impact on YOU, then we as a society shouldn't prohibit you from making
those choices, even though we may not condone them. (choices that
directly harm others, like theft, murder, rape, etc are not to be
condoned, IMNSHO).  I can obviously expand on these things, rather than
give the cursory examples here, but I don't think the place is in this
list, since it has nothing to do with floating cities.

Not to get into a societal discussion, I'm just letting everyone know
where I'm coming from when I post, as a bit of an introduction.

I've read almost all of the archives for this list, and I'm currently
reading Peter Salbury's articles (I'm loving this one:
http://reality.sculptors.com/~salsbury/Articles/house.paper.html, good
work Peter!). I firmly believe in going back to basics... not
forgetting about technology, but not forgetting about our past and what
we have learned (both the good and the bad) either.  In that regard,
for me it would be best if everything were sustainable, from seacrete
to technology, it would be perfect if there were no detreimental
environmental impact, because if we crap where we live, eventually
we'll be living in crap.

I've also been accused (and rightly so, I think) of being idealistic.

I was going to continue in this e-mail to post some ideas, but as I've
filled it with greetings and salutations, I'll leave it at that, and
post another one.  I promise it will be on-topic...since I've
introduced myself now. :)

Thanks for reading!

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