MIT course in Ocean Engineering (Spring 2002)

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Subject: MIT course in Ocean Engineering (Spring 2002)
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Not sure if they're offering this again, but it does sound kinda cool. Thanks 
to Brian Sherman for spotting this one! (The whole Department of Ocean Engineering 
also sounds very cool...)

Lecture notes and other resources are available linked from the main page:

Highlights of this Course
A full set of lecture notes, in downloadable printable versions, is available. 
Also, surface wave simulations are shown in the related resources section.

Course Description

The subject introduces the principles of ocean surface waves and their 
interactions with ships, offshore platforms and advanced marine vehicles. 
Surface wave theory is developed for linear and nonlinear deterministic 
and random waves excited by the environment, ships, or floating structures.

Following the development of the physics and mathematics of surface waves, 
several applications from the field of naval architecture and offshore 
engineering are addressed. They include the ship Kelvin wave pattern and 
wave resistance, the interaction of surface waves with floating bodies, 
the seakeeping of ships high-speed vessels and offshore platforms, the 
evaluation of the drift forces and other nonlinear wave effects responsible 
for the slow-drift responses of compliant offshore platforms and their 
mooring systems designed for hydrocarbon recovery from large water depths.

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