Re: Reasons for sea communities?

Communities form where there are reasons for their existence. What are the reasons that people foresee for the existence of communities in the ocean? Here are a few, but there must be others:

I think there is a very important and very non-obvious reason to found sea communities. It has to do with the economics of government. The basic idea is that right now, the "business" of government has an extremely high barrier to entry, and extremely high costs in switching products. Thus its an inefficient industry, which does a poor job of serving peoples needs.

If sea communities can be politically autonomous, that greatly lowers the barrier of entry to being a government (just build a sea-city, instead of having to fight a revolution or win tens of millions of votes or whatever). If sea communities can shuffle around their configuration (because moving an entire physical "village" or "street" to a new neighborhood is actually practical when that street is floating), this greatly lowers the cost of switching products.

The result is that any system of government, left or right, libertarian or communist, will be significantly more efficient on a sea-city. It will become a competitive industry.

(I had this idea independently. A very similar idea is mentioned by David Friedman in _Machinery of Freedom_).

I have written up a longer version of this argument here:

and will be giving a talk on the subject at FreedomFest 2004 ( )

We summarize many of the business possibilities of a floating city here:
Patri Friedman patri at clevername dot net ZXUISL

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