Keep your fingers crossed...

The person who's inheriting control of the network at ClariNet has decided
to cut off our dialup about a week earlier than expected. So basically, the
next time the phone gets a glitch, or the modem hangs up, or whatever, we
won't be able to dial in again. 

It's still 3 days until my new phone line is even scheduled to be INSTALLED
at the new location, so we're basically coasting on vapors, here. 

Apologies to all for any network outages, but I have a feeling we're about
to get one. 

I'll send another note when things are stable with the new configuration. 

GOOD NEWS DEPT.: Yes, there is some good news. :-) 
	The new server has been upgraded, and now successfully runs the
list software, so I'll be moving the mailing lists onto that server and
over to the new location ASAP. This should prevent more of outages like
we're now threatened with. 

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