I think we're (somewhat) back online again...

Hi, all...
	As predicted, the move from the ClariNet network to the new 
location severely broke things in major ways, resulting in more than a week 
(so far) of my house being offline, and several days of DNS failures, which
led to lots of mail not making it here, probably some bounces, no web or 
mailing list services, several late nights of (futile) hacking, some headaches, and the demise of two large pizzas. :-) 

	My house is still offline, but the DNS problems are sorted out, so the
web and mailing list services are back. I'm about to head out of town for a 
week of classes for my new job, so I'll be extremely light on answering mail, 
if at all. But you should be able to carry on discussions, now, and I'll catch
up when I return. 

	Apologies for the network outage. I was hoping that I'd be the only 
one inconvenienced, but the DNS thing hosed it for everyone.


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