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Date: Thu, 15 Feb 2001 15:16:41 -0800
From: Patrick Salsbury <salsbury at bucky dot sculptors dot com>

Hi, all. Just returning from a 2.5 day power outage at my co-location
facility/friend's house, and wanted to let you know that things are working
once again. Queued up email should start delivering, now, and if you have
any bounces, you could probably safely resend them.

If you want to see the results of the snowstorm we had, Hugh has put up
some pictures on his page. They got about 9" of snow about 1/2 mile up the
hill from the dome. This dome is where the Reality Sculptors web/list
server is located. It's not my dome, but my friend Eric's. 

Pictures are here:

At our house, we lost power for about 1.5 days, phone coverage was spotty,
our water went out when tree-falls broke the pipes, etc. It's been a fun


Wishing even more that he had a fuel cell... :-)
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