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Hi, all!
	Since it's now less than 2 months to the SF conference, I thought it 
might be time to pipe up and bother you all. :-)
	Last year, at the Professional Members Forum, we utilized the Wiki 
software to capture the workings of the Educational Futurists breakout session 
on the last day of the WFS 2002 conference. You can find our results by going to:
	...and looking for the July 23, 2002 entries. (Note: This URL will 
only work until ~July 18, 2003...) 

	At the presentation of our results, many people from the other groups 
suggested/requested that we implement the Wiki software for all groups during 
the 2003 conference, so all groups could benefit from the broadband 
info-capture capabilities of the Wiki software to record a large portion of 
the breakout sessions of each group. 

	The Wiki software is ready to capture your input at this year's conference 
in San Francisco. The question is: Are you ready to use the Wiki software to 
its fullest? 

	Last year, despite the wonderful results the Educational futurists 
logged into the Wiki software, we spent pretty much the entire morning session 
learning how to use it. So we wasted about 1/2 of our group-time learning the 
software. We made great strides during the afternoon session,
 but we could have made twice that. 

	This year, there will be at least 3 Professional Futurist breakout 
sessions (maybe 4), and only one of me. Is everyone willing to wait until I 
can get to their room and provide individual instruction on how to use the 
Wiki software to capture their group's collective thoughts? Or are you willing 
to put in a bit of "advanced study time" to learn the ropes and know how to 
enter things before arriving in SF? 

	The Wiki software is running, live, right now. It's available (right 
now) for you to practice on, to input your contact information, web page, and 
recent research work (thus saving time at the conference with every person you 
meet). Now is a GREAT time to put down any references to your existing work, 
ideas, links, etc. 

	You can find a page that covers the basic ideas at: also goes into some theory behind what we've done so far, and 
what we can do, if we set our minds to it. But time is running out! At this 
point, it'd just be nice if everyone was familiar with the Wiki software so we 
didn't lose time training people at the conference. 

	(That's a hint! ;^) ) 


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