Re: WFS 2003 Professional Member's Forum - Are you ready?

Thanks for this note, Pat.

Another resource is an article by Bob Godwin-Jones published in the May,
2003 issue of Language Learning & Technology titled, "Emerging Technologies:
Blogs and Wikis" at

We are publishing three articles on blogging and the implications of this
technology for education in the forthcoming issue of The Technology Source.
I'll send a note to the list when it comes out.


James L. Morrison
The Technology Source
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> Hi, all!
> Since it's now less than 2 months to the SF conference, I thought it
> might be time to pipe up and bother you all. :-)
> Last year, at the Professional Members Forum, we utilized the Wiki
> software to capture the workings of the Educational Futurists breakout
> on the last day of the WFS 2002 conference. You can find our results by
going to:
> ...and looking for the July 23, 2002 entries. (Note: This URL will
> only work until ~July 18, 2003...)
> At the presentation of our results, many people from the other groups
> suggested/requested that we implement the Wiki software for all groups
> the 2003 conference, so all groups could benefit from the broadband
> info-capture capabilities of the Wiki software to record a large portion
> the breakout sessions of each group.
> The Wiki software is ready to capture your input at this year's conference
> in San Francisco. The question is: Are you ready to use the Wiki software
> its fullest?
> Last year, despite the wonderful results the Educational futurists
> logged into the Wiki software, we spent pretty much the entire morning
> learning how to use it. So we wasted about 1/2 of our group-time learning
> software. We made great strides during the afternoon session,
>  but we could have made twice that.
> This year, there will be at least 3 Professional Futurist breakout
> sessions (maybe 4), and only one of me. Is everyone willing to wait until
> can get to their room and provide individual instruction on how to use the
> Wiki software to capture their group's collective thoughts? Or are you
> to put in a bit of "advanced study time" to learn the ropes and know how
> enter things before arriving in SF?
> The Wiki software is running, live, right now. It's available (right
> now) for you to practice on, to input your contact information, web page,
> recent research work (thus saving time at the conference with every person
> meet). Now is a GREAT time to put down any references to your existing
> ideas, links, etc.
> You can find a page that covers the basic ideas at:
> also goes into some theory behind what we've done so far, and
> what we can do, if we set our minds to it. But time is running out! At
> point, it'd just be nice if everyone was familiar with the Wiki software
so we
> didn't lose time training people at the conference.
> (That's a hint! ;^) )
> Pat
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