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In article <1094064399 dot 4136190fec92b at webmail dot netlojix dot com> you write:
>I noticed this mailing list as I was updating my Domesteaders membership.
>What's been talked about lately? Is there an archive?
>I find I get a lot of my future-related ideas from my favorite SF authors:
>Bruce Sterling,
>William Gibson,
>Neal Stephenson
>and now Cory Doctorow.
>I also read "Wired" magazine on a regular basis.
>Brian Wesley Rich

	Welcome, Brian! This list has been somewhat quiet, lately, but
there should be an archive available on the list web page (which should be
listed in the headers of the mail sent by the list.) 

	There's also a section in the Reality Sculptors Wiki pages devoted
to the Future Studies group and which has some notes/ideas from our
workshops at the World Future Society conferences in years past. You can
find the Wiki pages starting at,
or on the bottom nav-bar of most of the main pages on the Reality Sculptors

	Thanks for posting. Hopefully it will breathe a bit of life into
this list. I've missed the last 2 conferences, so I'm a bit out of the
loop, myself. Perhaps some of the other list members can bring us up to
date on what's happening in the world of future studies?

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