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Paradise in the Capitola village next to the theater was started by the
chefs that made Mobo famous. They serve up a wide variety of rolls you won't
find elsewhere. It's also the home of my favorite item, the Satan Roll!

I've also heard word of a small hole in the wall sushi joint next to
Restaurante Avante on Mission that's supposed to be fresh and yummy. Anyone
know the name or eaten there?

// Rence

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At 11:01 AM 12/14/98 -0800, Nedly wrote:
>Ok, now that Sung Ho is out of business, and the new management
>has raised the prices and lower the quality, anybody have
>recommendations for Sushi in Santa Cruz?
>Ned Hogan -  nhogan at legato dot com

	Well, I've heard that he's actually looking to open right *in* downtown
Santa Cruz, but the one place he was looking at had some sort of psychotic
landlord and it didn't look like a good business move. So he's still
looking. (Woulda been nice, too, since it was across the street, and about
50' from my office. :-d  )

	Benten is right downtown, but I've only been there once, about 3 years
ago. MoBo is quite nice. I went to Takara once, and enjoyed that, too,
although service was slow that night because they were swamped.

	Haven't tried Pink Godzilla, nor the new management at what was Miyako (is
it still called the same thing?

	Naka (across from Pink G.) was recommended by Steph, but I wasn't
impressed the night I went.

	Any opinions from others?

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