Sushi tomorrow: 3/25 - 1 or 2pm?

I'm going to be over in the Valley meeting with some folks, so when that's
done (I'm thinking around 1 or 2-ish), I'm probably going to get sushi with
Bruce. Anyone else in the area and interested? 

We still haven't gone to that other place Laura recommended, over on Saratoga.

	Oh, and here's a weird one for you. I was in Santa Cruz/Capitola
yesterday, and wanted to stop by Miyako, but my friend told me they were
closed on Monday. He recommended Naka, (Both are on 41st Ave in Santa
Cruz) but it, too, was closed. I looked across the street from Naka, and
saw Pink Godzilla, whom I've heard has great sushi. They, too, were closed.

	I didn't bother trying to check MoBo or Benton in downtown Santa
Cruz. By that point, I decided perhaps I'd just go home and eat. :-)

	So apparently, Monday's a bad day to try for sushi on 41st
Ave. About the closest I got was going into "The Coral Reef" aquarium
store, and watching all the fish swim around. :-)

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