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Thought this was an apropriate forward. Especially since the list has been
so sleepy, lately.

I ate at Shogun Sushi in Santa Cruz again yesterday. Delicious, as always.

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i ate sushi dinner with some locals last nite.  my friend dug up his
sushi-guru who recommended a place.

it's called sushi ishikawa:

"Sushi Ishikawa is at 7905 Engineer Road. Easiest way to get there is to
take Balboa Ave. to Convoy Street. Go North on Convoy to Engineer Road,
turn right. The restaurant is on the right side in a little shopping center."

the phone number is 858 560 1782.

its a tiny mom and pop place, i'd definately call ahead if you are
gonna bring more than 4 ppl.

so on to the fish:

we sat at the bar, so we had the ability to order custom cuts and
special vegan rolls for my non-fishy friend.  the miso was unique, it
was much more fishy that i am used to, and i liked it.

i dont have much to say about the fist, it was perfect!  i had a spicy
tuna roll, smoked salmon sashimi, yellowtail sashimi (!!!) and some of
a creative burdock root (goba?) scallion and cuke.  the sushi guru got
that two part shrimp sushi/tempura action, and quite a few very
adventurous other rolls and things.

sushi guru said:
ichi bon "ug"
ono "okay"
ota "very good, but ishikawa is far better"

discuss. :)

deeann m.m. mikula

director of operations
telerama public access internet

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