Incredibly nice 3D graphics & sci-fi/futurist visualization

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Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2000 04:11:46 -0800
From: Patrick Salsbury <salsbury at bootstrap dot sculptors dot com>

(This is being sent to the various Reality Sculptors lists, but I've 
tweaked the headers so that when you reply it won't try to post to 
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messages about not being subscribed... :-)  )

	A friend just pointed me to the following site the other day, and I was 
blown away by the detailed graphics and amazing visions that the 
artists had created there. The site is the Open Mind Creative 
Partnership, at It's a collection of writers and 
artists who are collaborating to produce stories and pictures in a 
variety of genres. 

	I've only begun to scratch the surface of the site, but 
wanted to share it with the rest of you, to fuel your imaginations. 
I'd like to get some of those folks in touch with some of you folks, 
as I think there'd be good cross-pollenation. I'd also love to start 
producting imagery like they have to convey more of the things we 
discuss on the various lists. If you just browse through their pages, 
you'll have a very quick and detailed picture of some of the things 
they're into. I think we can do the same thing here. 

	And anyway, it looks really cool, which is always pretty 
important. :-)  

	The ones I took particular note of were in the "Galleries" 
section, under "Omni Universal Encyclopedia", in the "Buildings" 
category. It's a great representative slice of the sorts of things 
Reality Sculpting is all about: airships, futuristic cities homes and 
vehicles, space colonies, etc. 

	It seems like we've got lots of local talent, and a flair for 
design and engineering. Now we need to find ways to convey those 
visions quickly and easily to large numbers of people who aren't 
necessarily going to pour through engineering docs and long-winded 
posts like mine. :-) 

	I have found that the graphics work I've been doing for the 
autonomous house project has really helped in explaining the basic 
concepts to people, and quickly bringing them up to speed. I know 
from long practice that it often takes several hours (and many beers! 
;^)  ) to properly explain in detail what the whole autonomous house 
concept is to people who aren't familiar with it. Now, with the 
graphics tools I've been learning, I've found that time reduced to 5 
or 10 minutes. It quickly gets people thinking about the idea, and 
asking new questions. 

	I think we can learn a lot from how the OMCP folks are 
expressing their ideas pictorially, along with all the prose. I would 
encourage folks to take a dig through their site. It looks to be a 
treasure trove.


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