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On Saturday, Oct 19, 2002, at 16:36 US/Eastern, Adam Scriven wrote:
How'd you get all your stuff out there, or did you just take what you could
pack? I'm a bit of a collector, and I wouldn't want to leave anything behind,
but I would be willing to ship it in smaller amounts slowly, like a bit at a
time. I don't know if that would help any overall though.

As someone who did the upspin move and then the downspin return (NY-CA-NY), the best advice I can give is to get rid of as much stuff as you can before the move. Having to pack and inventory your belongings gives you a great opportunity to assess the value of each object. You can ask yourself:

"Is this really worth the cost of shipping to me?"

"Will I need this object where I am going?" (snowshoes in Miami, for example)

"Do I need to move this object that I haven't looked at/used/opened/etc. in the last year?"

It's handy to do this sort of inventorying occasionally if you are a pack rat like me.

Our upspin move was arranged and paid for by the company I was going to be working for. Having people pack and move your stuff for you takes away the obvious need for doing this (especially if you're not paying the bill). Unfortunately, when we arrived out West and had to unpack, we found that we didn't have room for all our stuff. We had to rent a storage bin for six months or so until we were able to go through all the stuff we were storing and get rid of the stuff we didn't want or need. That extra rental expense is something we could have done without. So, unless you know the size and storage space of your future abode, err on the side of small.

For the trip back, we did the moving with a company again, but we did a lot of the packing. We got rid of about a quarter of our belongings before the move, and we found we still had too much (based on the bill from the moving company). I believe that if we had planned better and done more purging ahead of time, that move would have cost us much less and would have been far less stressful.

And remember, getting rid of your stuff doesn't mean not benefiting from it. eBay is wonderful for make some extra cash for the move by auctioning off your unnecessary belongings.

Good luck. Enjoy the other end of the continent.

Ithaca, NY, USA

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