Re: Wow, I'm so happy I found this list!

On Sun, Oct 20, 2002 at 09:23:38AM -0400, Daniel Adinolfi wrote:
> On Saturday, Oct 19, 2002, at 16:36 US/Eastern, Adam Scriven wrote:
> >How'd you get all your stuff out there, or did you just take what you 
> >could
> >pack?  I'm a bit of a collector, and I wouldn't want to leave anything 
> >behind,
> >but I would be willing to ship it in smaller amounts slowly, like a 
> >bit at a
> >time.  I don't know if that would help any overall though.
> As someone who did the upspin move and then the downspin return 
> (NY-CA-NY), the best advice I can give is to get rid of as much stuff 
> as you can before the move.  Having to pack and inventory your 
> belongings gives you a great opportunity to assess the value of each 
> object.

Yup, that's what I'm in the process of doing now.  And I've got a LOT of
stuff (read: Junk). :)

> It's handy to do this sort of inventorying occasionally if you are a 
> pack rat like me.

And me.

> Our upspin move was arranged and paid for by the company I was going to 
> be working for.  Having people pack and move your stuff for you takes 
> away the obvious need for doing this (especially if you're not paying 
> the bill).  Unfortunately, when we arrived out West and had to unpack, 
> we found that we didn't have room for all our stuff.  We had to rent a 
> storage bin for six months or so until we were able to go through all 
> the stuff we were storing and get rid of the stuff we didn't want or 
> need.  That extra rental expense is something we could have done 
> without.  So, unless you know the size and storage space of your future 
> abode, err on the side of small.

Yeah, that's one thing I'm looking into.  This move may end up being a
seat-of-the-pants thing, since we ARE moving, whether we have jobs or
a house out there or not.  I looked into storage and things, and the
extra costs did obviously start adding up.
The lucky thing for us is that we're not moving anything REALLY heavy, like
furnature or appliances, the heaviest things we're moving are books and

> And remember, getting rid of your stuff doesn't mean not benefiting 
> from it.  eBay is wonderful for make some extra cash for the move by 
> auctioning off your unnecessary belongings.

Oh, I know all about eBay, to the benefit AND detriment of my bank account
over the years!
eBay is part of the problem I have so much stuff!
The thing is, I'm very sentimental about my things, so while I WILL be getting
rid of some stuff, there is a lot of stuff that I just refuse to get rid of.
I dno't necessarily have to ship it with me all at the same time, but it is
stuff that I feel will be helpful to have later on, for differnet projects
and research and entertainment and whatnot.

I know I'll have to pay for that somehow, and I'm willing to do that.

Also, I may have found another way of getting my stuff out there, which is
combining it with someone ELSE's stuff for part of the way.  Another family
member is thinking about moving out to Alberta, and we could split the cost
for that far between all parties involved, and then just cover the extra
for our extra trip from there to the coast.  They said they'd be willing to
drive all the way (one of the major concerns my Fiance and I have, neither of
us being confident drivers, and only one of us (her) having our full license).
We'd be willing to compensate them for the extra 13 hours drive, and the
flight back home to Alberta.  I think this will be cheaper in the long run than
hiring a moving van, and it may turn out to be a good compromise.


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