Re: Wow, I'm so happy I found this list!

On Sun, Oct 20, 2002 at 09:41:38AM -0700, enrique perez wrote:
> I think my move, five years ago, was about a dollar a pound. I don't
> know what the rates are today; but, the price you were quoted seems a
> bit high, for something this expensive it's certainly worth it to get
> several quotes.

Oh yes, I know that for sure!
We're looking at other ways as well (as I mentioned in my previous post),
like driving it out ourselves, in a group of people moving to the same
general area.  I was even thinking that, since we don't really need this stuff
rushed out there, I'd even look into shipping a container (via train, or even
boat), and just meet it at the other side.  That may not end up being more
economical, however, I haven't started researching that yet, it was just an
idea I had.

Re: dumping stuff.

As I said, I will end up dumpng some of my stuff, through yard sales,
donations, eBay, whatever... but I've spent a lot of time and effort to
accumulate this, and most of it was done very purposely.  To get rid of it
now seems a bit of a waste, especially when I'm sure I can get use out of it
in the future.

> Today especially you can substitute your computer for a lot of home
> entertainment equipment. You could copy all your cd's onto your hard
> drive and then give away your cd's. I barely use my stereo now and in a
> few years I'll probably give it away. You can give away most of your
> books and all of your magazines too.

Ah, you've touched on three of the things I refuse to do.  While I have already
digitally encoded my entire CD collection (OGG files are wonderful things,
much better than MP3's), I still plan on keeping the CD's around.  As to books
and magazines, I don't think I'd ever willingly get rid of any of them.
Personal choices, I realise, and ones I'm more than willing to compensate for,
either by leaving them behind temporarily (I can get storage, thankfully, but
it's something I'd rather not take advantage of), or paying more to move them

Thanks for the ideas, keep them coming!
I'll keep everyone appraised as to what I'm thinking and planning.

One big problem that I have is not knowing anything 1st hand about the area,
never having been there.  I'm not sure about the job situation, for either me
(computer/internet/system admin/tech support kind of thing), or my fiance
(banking currently, but we'd like to open our own business, maybe a restaurant,
or an Internet Cafe).  Not knowing what are good and bad areas to live, and
how long it takes to commute, all those kind of things.  The website
helps with real estate prices, but it's no substitute for walking the roads
and breathing the air.  That's a hurdle that may be hard to overcome, but I'm
sure we can think of something.

Thanks again!

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