The reasonable man tries to adapt himself to the world around, while the unreasonable man tries to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends upon the unreasonable man. -- George Bernard Shaw

There are many problems and challenges facing us in the world today. And many more awaiting us in the future. Unfortunately, many of the ones we face right now are holdovers from the past. These old problems are keeping us bogged down, and preventing us from making advances as fast as we could be.

As a Design Scientist, I try to analyze issues that are current problems, step outside of their framework to see things from a larger perspective, and then try to integrate ideas from other areas in order to solve the problem at hand.

Some of my primary interests are in finding solutions to Thumbnail of Corrulite emergency shelter dome.homelessness, Thumbnail of agricultural
water tower domes.hunger, poverty, traffic congestion, and poor education. I'm also interested in building floating cities on the oceans, as a way of reducing the perception that earth is overcrowded. (It isn't really overcrowded, BTW, but the people living in the cities all seem to think so, so I figured perhaps we need to offer them some alternatives to the crowded conditions they live in, now. :-) )

Future projects include actually building those floating cities, autopilots for automobiles, flying cars, hypercars, and Thumbnail of
autonomous house. autonomous, self-contained houses with their own hydroponic gardens that are movable to almost anywhere on the planetary land surface. Also, developing fuel-cell power systems for clean, cheap, practically limitless power, as well as systems for in-home recycling that allow people to re-use last week's garbage to make this-week's new gizmo or household product. This is done by a process known as rapid prototyping and/or stereolithography. The possibilities that this new technology opens up are, quite frankly, astonishing.

Many of the above aspects tie together in the concept of a Global Dwelling Service, which would provide a means to house larger and larger portions of humanity, at better living standards than ever before. If you're not sure where to start exploring this site, this is a good place to start. It will give you a good overview of what the some of the general goals of the Reality Sculptors Project are.

Another area we're developing is the "Laws We'd Like To See" project, where you can add your thoughts and ideas on small changes we could make to existing laws to effect large changes in society...hopefully for the better. :-) Have you ever had an idea that you're sure would make things run smoother, if only the politicians would listen? If so, then this is the place for you.

And yet another area we're developing is the future-studies discussion forum, where we are working on ways to get more people thinking, planning, learning, and teaching about the future.

A few projects are spelled out in much more detail on the Contributions & Support - Projects Page. Here you'll find some of the most current (and critical) projects that Reality Sculptors hopes to tackle in the near-term.

OK, so how do I get involved?

Patrick Salsbury

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